Exhibition in Billund

On The International Women's day, 8. of March, is the opening of an exhibition at Billund Centre.

Welcome to the opening on 8. of March the afternoon at 17 o´clock.

the exhibition will be due from March 8. - April 18.

the address is: Billund Centre, Hans Jensens Vej 6, 7190 Billund.

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Visit of groups (max. 10 persons)

Groups of max. 10 persons are welcome to visit the gallery, while I tell of my work and serve a drink and some snacks. 

A visit like that has to be prepared for at least one week.

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My window on The Cultural Night

In the window are on display different tusks, teeth and bones, I have collected during the years.

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Marvelous Sculpture - Nature 2022

Marvelous Sculpture - Nature 2022 is an exhibition shown from 18. of June - 18. of September at Dronninglund Centre of Art. Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 13 - 17, and Saturday - Sunday 11 - 17.The opening is: Saturday June 18. at 14, and the address is: Dronninglund Centre of Art, Thorup Hedevej 1, 9330 Dronninglund.

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Svalbard, where walrus and Bear woman live

One man show at Portnerboligen at Sophienholm, Nybrovej 401, 2800 Lyngby.

From Saturday 25. of June - Sunday 17. of July shall I show the exhibition:

Svalbard, where walrus and Bear woman live. at Portnerboligen.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12 - 15,

Vernissage: Friday June 24. from 17 - 18.

On Saturday July 9th I shall tell of my works at the exhibition

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Exhibition at Helligåndshuset

Exhibition with Cirklen at Helligåndshuset from 26. of April till 8. of May. Opening hours are: Sundays from 11 - 18 and all other days from 10 - 18.
welcome to the opening: 26. of April from 15.30 - 18.30.
The address is: Helligåndshuset, Amagertorv 22, 1160 København K.

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Christmas invitation

sunday December 5. will Gallery Unicorn be open with a Christmas exhibition.
come and see my new works and enjoy a glass of wine and a Christmas cookie.

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Exhibition at Næstved Art Association

From 9/10 - 7/11 2021 am I going to show an exhibition at Næstved Art Association.
Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Saturday October 9, from 13 - 16.
The address is: Næstved Kunstforening, Sct. Peders Kirkeplads 14 C, 4700 Næstved.
Daily opening hours are: Tuesday - Sunday from 12 - 17.

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New exhibition in Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg

I shall join an exhibition with the Group Team Art at Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg Runddel 1, 2000 Frederiksberg. The exhibition will be open from Sunday 29/8 - Thursday 9/9.
Opening hours are: Sunday 29/8 from 14 - 18, otherwise from 11 - 18 except Saturday September 4., that day the exhibition will close at 15.
welcome to the opening: Sunday 29/8 at 14 o'clock.

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Artist Talk

Spread your wings
On Thursday the 27. of May, I shall give an Artist Talk in Tobaksgården in Assens.

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New exhibition

New exhibition at Tobaksgården in Assens. The exhibition is called: Spread your wings,
and the opening is on Saturday May 8. from 14 - 17.15.
The address is: Tobaksgården, Tobaksvej 7, 5610 Assens.
Artist Talk: 27. May at 19 o'clock. 

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