Artist talk


I give lectures by the use of Power Point. The lecture is given in Danish or in English language, and it lasts for about 1 hour. I tell of a journey, which leads towards The Bird Woman who symbolizes the courageous woman, the woman with wings, a beak and sometimes claws as well.
This includes a presentation of my particular techniques and a description of my carving materials. Furthermore information on the life cycles of narwhal, walrus and mammoth is given along with their historic and mythological significance. We see, for example, a special connection between the unicorn and the narwhal.
During most of my stays abroad have I given lectures about my work.


The Bird Woman is the symbol of a woman, who dare spread out her wings and try, if they are strong enough to carry her, although she risks falling down and getting hurt.There are many different kinds of Bird Women: There is the woman with her dreams, the woman beginning to grow wings, and the woman with her wings kept close to her body, just before she spreads them out. And there is The Bird Woman, who has spread out her wings, ready to fly, the woman who dare.
The development from woman to Bird Woman is a development, which slowly and invisibly takes form.